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Merino Laceweight

January 30, 2008

We are excited to announce that we have a small amount of merino laceweight in stock.  It is a 2/17nM pure Australian merino, and is a relatively heavy laceweight yarn.


It will felt, so caution should be used when dyeing.  In the near future we’ll be posting the swatch from Secret of the Stole II completed with this yarn. The hank below was kettle dyed with Jacquard acid dye in Fire Engine red.



Beautiful socks created by TheWoolenDiva

January 21, 2008

TheWoolenDiva has sent Yarn Workshop further photos of her finished product – the socks.  You can see the wonderful variation in the yarn.


 In the close up you will see the detail of the yarn.


Beautiful yarns created by TheWoolenDiva

January 18, 2008

At Yarn Workshop we are proud to provide the raw materials for your creations, and are delighted when our customers send us photos of their creations.  With your permission, we will be delighted to share those photos with all our customers.

TheWoolenDiva (her Ebay identity) has sent me these photos of her most recent creations. She dyed her yarn after using her knitting machine to create a sheet of knitted fabric, and used a dyeing technique called abrashing. Here is a photo of the sheet of fabric as it dried.  The colour is Jacquard Pumpkin Orange #605.  It looks amazing!


She then wound the yarn back onto the cone, where the beautiful variegated effect can be seen.


Better photos of the 75% wool / 25% nylon sock yarn

January 4, 2008

Here are some photos of the yarn close up – dyed and knitted (colours are not completely accurate, but the photo captures the details of the fibre);


and undyed in the hank.


Sample socks

January 2, 2008

Here are the sample socks knitted up from hand dyed 75% wool/ 25% nylon sock yarn.  The yarn was dyed using Dylon general purpose dyes, and the socks had been washed several times prior to the photo being taken.  They continue to wear well, and are pleasantly soft.


More swatch samples will be posted in the near future.