Separating a 5 skein pack

Yarn Workshop is proud to offer new special pricing on our 5 skein packs at our Ebay store. The current price is USD $19.50 for 5 skeins of Footscray.

This tutorial will also be helpful for those of you that order skeins of yarn from Yarn Workshop wholesale.


If you order a 5 skein pack from Yarn Workshop at Ebay, you will receive something that looks very much like the picture above – a mega skein. It is looped on itself like a normal skein, and then you will notice that it is, in fact, 5 smaller skeins tied together with acrylic yarn. The first step is to unloop the the mega skein, and hang all the skeins together.

The acrylic yarn then needs to be found and snipped, being careful not to cut the sock yarn.  The acrylic yarn ties are from a slightly heavier weight yarn, and the acrylic is a slightly different colour.  It is useful to make sure you are trying to identify the ties in good light.  There will be three acrylic ties around the 5 skein pack. Each should be snipped before trying to separate each skein.



Once all the ties are snipped, carefully look at the skeins, and you will see that they are invidually knotted.



Each skein should be handled around the knot,  and gently separated from the other skeins.  Once each skein is separated, they can be wound into the usual skein formation.


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