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Finished Koolhaas in Bellingen

November 3, 2008

Bellingen knits to a classic worsted heavy weight gauge, making it a perfect choice for hats like Koolhaas (pattern available here).  Koolhaas requires only one skein of Bellingen to make the largest size, and the yarn for this hat was kettle dyed with chocolate brown food colouring and citric acid. The yarn has a a bouncy texture, making the cables really ‘pop”.


New yarns!

October 8, 2008

Ultimo 20% silk / 20% bamboo / 60% wool

We are delighted to introduce our new yarns, Ultimo (20% silk 20% bamboo 60% wool sport weight), Frankston (100% merino superwash fingering), Forbes (100% wool worsted weight felting yarn) and Bellingen (100% soft washable worsted wool). All these yarns are available in cones of approximately 1 kg, and in 100 gram skeins. We will be unveiling projects made with these yarns in the forthcoming weeks. 

 We have also received new stock of Geelong, our popular extra-fine merino laceweight.

Bellingen 100% washable wool

We will be taking a break for school holidays from 12 – 25 October 2008, and will not be able to post orders during this time.  We will be available to answer email queries.

Separating a 5 skein pack

October 6, 2008

Yarn Workshop is proud to offer new special pricing on our 5 skein packs at our Ebay store. The current price is USD $19.50 for 5 skeins of Footscray.

This tutorial will also be helpful for those of you that order skeins of yarn from Yarn Workshop wholesale.


If you order a 5 skein pack from Yarn Workshop at Ebay, you will receive something that looks very much like the picture above – a mega skein. It is looped on itself like a normal skein, and then you will notice that it is, in fact, 5 smaller skeins tied together with acrylic yarn. The first step is to unloop the the mega skein, and hang all the skeins together.

The acrylic yarn then needs to be found and snipped, being careful not to cut the sock yarn.  The acrylic yarn ties are from a slightly heavier weight yarn, and the acrylic is a slightly different colour.  It is useful to make sure you are trying to identify the ties in good light.  There will be three acrylic ties around the 5 skein pack. Each should be snipped before trying to separate each skein.



Once all the ties are snipped, carefully look at the skeins, and you will see that they are invidually knotted.



Each skein should be handled around the knot,  and gently separated from the other skeins.  Once each skein is separated, they can be wound into the usual skein formation.

Your creations – yarns by Biscotte & Cie

September 25, 2008

These yarns are all dyed by Biscotte & Cie (blog in French). Her yarns are available through her Etsy shop, and they are notable because of their beautiful presentation and colours.  The first three yarns shown here are all dyed on our Merimbula base yarn, which is a 100% merino superwash worsted weight. Merimbula is also available as individual skeins in our Ebay store.


Biscotte & Cie has also dyed sock yarns using our Footscray base yarn, and while the colours certainly look pretty in the skein:

look for the seed surprises when they are knitted up!

Bambaroo back in stock!

August 28, 2008

We are delighted to announce that Bambaroo, our best selling bamboo/wool/nylon blend is back in stock. We are also very proud to announce that we have been authorised as a retailer of Knit Picks needles, and are currently in the process of stocking our Ebay store.


Next week, we will be introducing our new yarns for Autumn!

Fire Lizard Studios sock yarns

July 25, 2008

These beautiful yarns have been created by Fire Lizard Studios using Yarn Workshop Footscray and Bambaroo.


Fire Lizard studios yarns can be bought through Etsy, and will soon be available through a stand alone website.

Primavera Socks knitted out of Footscray

July 16, 2008

The knitting has been continuing here at Yarn Workshop, and I am proud to show off my husband’s new socks. The yarn for these socks was kettle dyed by me using Yarn Workshop “Footscray” and Ashford acid dyes.

Project Details

Pattern Primavera Socks (free Ravelry download).

Yarn  Yarn Workshop Footscray hand dyed by me, using a kettle dye technique. I mixed up the colours of dye that I wanted to work with, and immersed the skeins slowly, while adding each colour, and waiting for the dye to exhaust before immersing more yarn and adding more colour.

Needles  Addi Turbos size 2.5 mm, also from the store.

Alterations Knitted “magic loop”.

August Vacation

The July sale is going very well, and keeping me so busy that I have decided to take a vacation from 8 August 2008 until 22 August 2008.  During this time, I will be answering emails, and will be taking orders, but will not be able to deliver any orders until my return. I am ordering new yarns for the Fall (including a supersoft angora laceweight and a merino yarn for baby clothes), and am expecting a new delivery of Bambaroo in three weeks. Unfortunately, I have faced significant cost increases in the new orders. I will be holding prices down until my vacation, but will be revising prices on my return. Please contact me for any wholesale orders.

July Sale now on

July 1, 2008

In our Ebay retail store we have 25% off all single cones of yarn during July! We are clearing space for our new Fall stock, and have slashed our already low prices. The sale lasts all July, and more cones will go up as the month progresses!

Socks in Sydney

June 29, 2008

These socks were completed by Cyclomania (her Ebay identity), who also happens to be my sister.  They were knitted using Footscray and the Madder Ribbed Pattern (Ravelry link) from Knitting Vintage Socks; on our Addi knitting needles.  They were made for her 11 year old son, who is also the model.

Your creations – Lovely lace knitting in Killara

June 6, 2008

Sarcelle knitted in Killara

Abbenormal (her user name in Ravelry) is creating a beautiful stole using Killara, our smooth silk/wool blend laceweight. She is knitting up the pattern Sarcelle, which is available for download for $6. Here is a link to her project page on Ravelry (membership required).

Abbenormal will receive our “Your Creations” bonus of $10 off her next order. Please see our policies page for further details.