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Your creations – yarns by Biscotte & Cie

September 25, 2008

These yarns are all dyed by Biscotte & Cie (blog in French). Her yarns are available through her Etsy shop, and they are notable because of their beautiful presentation and colours.  The first three yarns shown here are all dyed on our Merimbula base yarn, which is a 100% merino superwash worsted weight. Merimbula is also available as individual skeins in our Ebay store.


Biscotte & Cie has also dyed sock yarns using our Footscray base yarn, and while the colours certainly look pretty in the skein:

look for the seed surprises when they are knitted up!


Fire Lizard Studios sock yarns

July 25, 2008

These beautiful yarns have been created by Fire Lizard Studios using Yarn Workshop Footscray and Bambaroo.


Fire Lizard studios yarns can be bought through Etsy, and will soon be available through a stand alone website.

Primavera Socks knitted out of Footscray

July 16, 2008

The knitting has been continuing here at Yarn Workshop, and I am proud to show off my husband’s new socks. The yarn for these socks was kettle dyed by me using Yarn Workshop “Footscray” and Ashford acid dyes.

Project Details

Pattern Primavera Socks (free Ravelry download).

Yarn  Yarn Workshop Footscray hand dyed by me, using a kettle dye technique. I mixed up the colours of dye that I wanted to work with, and immersed the skeins slowly, while adding each colour, and waiting for the dye to exhaust before immersing more yarn and adding more colour.

Needles  Addi Turbos size 2.5 mm, also from the store.

Alterations Knitted “magic loop”.

August Vacation

The July sale is going very well, and keeping me so busy that I have decided to take a vacation from 8 August 2008 until 22 August 2008.  During this time, I will be answering emails, and will be taking orders, but will not be able to deliver any orders until my return. I am ordering new yarns for the Fall (including a supersoft angora laceweight and a merino yarn for baby clothes), and am expecting a new delivery of Bambaroo in three weeks. Unfortunately, I have faced significant cost increases in the new orders. I will be holding prices down until my vacation, but will be revising prices on my return. Please contact me for any wholesale orders.

Socks in Sydney

June 29, 2008

These socks were completed by Cyclomania (her Ebay identity), who also happens to be my sister.  They were knitted using Footscray and the Madder Ribbed Pattern (Ravelry link) from Knitting Vintage Socks; on our Addi knitting needles.  They were made for her 11 year old son, who is also the model.

Your creations – Lovely lace knitting in Killara

June 6, 2008

Sarcelle knitted in Killara

Abbenormal (her user name in Ravelry) is creating a beautiful stole using Killara, our smooth silk/wool blend laceweight. She is knitting up the pattern Sarcelle, which is available for download for $6. Here is a link to her project page on Ravelry (membership required).

Abbenormal will receive our “Your Creations” bonus of $10 off her next order. Please see our policies page for further details.

Yarns dyed with Easter Egg dye

May 22, 2008

2008-05-22 245

At Easter, I thought that dyeing yarn with Easter Egg dyes would be fun to do with my daughters. We mixed up the dye (including vinegar) in accordance with the instructions on the packet, and dip dyed the skeins.   


I had wound one skein of Footscray into two 50 gram skeins, on a skein winder with a circumference of approximately 68″. The skeins were soaked in warm water with a little dish washing liquid prior to dyeing. We left them to absorb the dye for about half an hour, and then I placed them on a clean oven tray, and put them uncovered in a 100 degree celsius oven (200 degrees fahrenheit) for about a hour.  

Skeins prior to baking

I then placed the skeins into a lingerie bag, and put them on the machine wash wool cycle with some fabric softener.  The colours are surprisingly intense, and the striping is much liked by my small children. 

2008-05-22 256

If you would like single skeins of Footscray, please visit the Ebay Store. Of course, wholesale orders are also very welcome, and wholesale enquiries should be directed to ingrid at (replace ” at ” with @).

Merino worsted weight

May 9, 2008

Merimbula is our classic worsted weight superwash 100% merino yarn. The page fully describing it is here. For retail sales, please visit our Ebay store, but wholesale queries are very welcome. 

The hat below is knitted up in the Amanda hat pattern, available for free from here.
2008-04-28 009

Beautiful yarns from knotanotherknitter

May 4, 2008

At Yarn Workshop, we are always delighted to show the hand dyed yarns created with our base yarns. Knotanotherknitter is a client of ours who purchased Grafton, our yak/wool blend. The colourway above is Velvet, while the colourway below is Forest.


While Knotanotherknitter is based in the UK, she ships worldwide.  The yarns are really gorgeous!

Madder Rib Socks

March 20, 2008


These socks were knit from our 75% Wool/25% Nylon Fingering weight yarn in the pattern “Madder Ribbed Sock” from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. The yarn matches the gauge specified in the pattern, and no other alteration was made to the pattern except to knit them using the Magic Loop technique, and to make the leg 2.5 cm (1 inch) longer than specified in the pattern. They fit a US size 9 women’s foot, or a European 40. Over 25 grams of yarn (nearly one ounce!) was left over from a 100 gram skein.

The yarn was kettle dyed using Jacquard acid dyes in Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, and Yellow Sun. White Vinegar was used as the fixative. I made a 30 inch skein, and soaked it a warm water with a good squirt of dish washing detergent.  Two dye solutions were made, one of a mixture of the blue dyes, and one of a mixture of Sapphire Blue with a little Yellow Sun (when combined this makes a brilliant emerald green). The green dye was added to the dye pot first, and half of the soaked skein was dipped in the pot until the dye seemed to be half exhausted.  Then the rest of the dye was added to the pot and all the yarn submerged.  The yarn was then left until all the dye was exhausted. This process gives a lovely subtly variegated yarn without the wrapping needed for other hand-painting methods.


We’ve been very happy with the durability of the socks made for our family from this yarn. It holds up very well to repeated washes in 40 degree celsius on the wool/delicate cycle, and air drying.


Overdyed Merino Laceweight

March 19, 2008


The photo above is of our Merino Laceweight that was originally dyed with Jacquard Acid Dyes in Fire Engine Red, and then overdyed with Ashford dye for Wool and Silk in Brown.  The whole skein had been immersion dyed, but I was after a more variegated effect, and chose to overdye it using the following method.


 The yarn was soaked with a good squirt of hand dishwashing liquid and cold water, and then the dye solution was added to the dye pot that had been filled with cold water. I then arranged the skeins so that they were partially immersed in the dye solution, and slowly raised the heat and simmered (no stirring because the Merino Laceweight can felt) until the dye bath was clear (about 20 minutes).


The resulting yarn is red with long flashes of deep burgundy brown.  Our Merino Laceweight is a perfect substitute for the recommended yarn in Juno Regina which is available for free from


In the next week, we expect to be listing wholesale quantities of Grafton, our 50% Yak/50% Wool sportweight yarn; and Killara, our smooth and very soft 50% silk/ 50% wool. Our deliveries of sock yarn and merino yarn are currently delayed, but hopefully will be received soon.