Killara -55% silk / 45% wool lace weight


Killara is our premium lace weight 55%  silk/ 45 % superwash wool blend (28 wraps per inch after washing, 3/28 nM, 933 metres per 100 gram skein).  It has a tremendous drape, and sheen, and is silky smooth with no itch whatsoever.  It will knit to the same gauge as Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18, and it blocks like a dream.  The superwash wool will be forgiving in the dyeing process, but we do not recommend machine washing or drying for any finished garments. The yarn is lightly oiled on the cone, and will bloom very lightly after a soak in a bath of 60 degree celsious water with the addition of normal dish washing liquid.  Below you can see a photo of the yarn before washing (on the left) and after washing (on the right).


This is a three ply yarn, and has been worsted spun, enhancing the sheen and smoothness of the yarn.  As you can see from the photos, the yarn has very little halo, making it an excellent choice for lace knitting.





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